The story of Organics More is still continuing

with commitment of sharing the Happiness.


2011. The two Founders first met when one of them went to Vietnam as part of her practical placement to investigate in Organic industry. They together went to many black pepper plantation in hope of discovering the very first organic black pepper in Vietnam. Unfortunately they were not successful at that time.


Along those journeys, as coincidence, they instead found cashew plantation which are organically cultivated. They then started their story in a different path, what exciting!

2014. Organics More Co., Ltd has officially founded in Vietnam by the same two Founders, with passion and belief in the value of organic products will bring a better life to the local farmers. The journey of Organics More from here has started. 

2018. Organics More invested in building their own processing factory in order to strictly control the quality and to comply with global standards such as BRC, Organic, etc.

The story of Organics More is still continuing with commitment of sharing the Happiness.



The journey of Organics More Co., Ltd is the sharing and spreading the Happiness to everyone around, especially to the farmers, our colleagues, partners and clients who are going along with us.


Happy - More Happy - is the motivation for Organics More to continually develop and invest in new projects. That is also one of our motto, Organics More - More organic projects. The profit is what keep us alive but it is not what we are focusing to.     


Our core motive to determine our actions is bringing Vietnamese products to the clients to enhance the livelihood of the farmers, to ensure the organic crops will continue to grow in hundred years later.

Let’s together share and spread the Happiness with the philosophy Giver Gain.


Organics More Co., Ltd

L1 Homelink Building, 73-75 Tran Trong Cung Street

District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
T + 84 903 774 300    E 

Organics More B.V

Kastanjelaan 9   6866 CS Heelsum The Netherlands
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